"Vision Action Celebration"

The Joys of Palms/Mar Vista

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Just minutes to the beach

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Asher, cellist, Eva Andry, artist & Spanish Cottage,

Real Estate is not all statistics but textures (visually, physically and audibly)

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Venice Walkway

What freedom to live close to the beach. Colorful Venice Beach with serenity and a collage of merchants just up the street expressing their uniqueness. You can express yourself too!

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Music at Trudi's Malibu Beachhouse

Sometimes music makes some things better like the beach!

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Be Stronger With Seasoned Advisors Around

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Absorb The Information You Get Here, Then Feel How It Empowers You To Optimize What You Already Know...

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Lessen Risk & Increase Joy!

Simpler than ever.

You are here to make your understanding and decisions better.

Where are you now?

Physically?  Financially?  Emotionally?  and Spiritually?

What you do in real estate can affect many other aspects of you life and the lives of loved ones too.

We Want You To Be Able To Achieve Your Goal And Score With Joy!


You Are Unique.  How Can You Customize Your Real Estate Decisions?

This website is to improve your chances you will be happier longer and get the best value available.


You Are Not Just An Orange.

Thankfully, You are UniQue

and your real estate and others needs are special to you alone.  From where you shop to where your friends live are very significant as much as how many square foot a home is. Your individual real estate need applies to other real estate investments too.


“Timing” is a key factor:  When is the optimum time to purchase and the best conditions for you to sell or exchange?  These are questions that have to do with your unique needs and conditions of your specific marketplace. This is why have in depth advice and understanding will lead to a much more “durable” decision.  “Durable” meaning it will hold up with the test of time and hopefully, your future goals will be fulfilled.


There are a multitude of choices in real estate and it is similar to the interior design choices that are displayed in the below link;

View (click here) Unique Interiors To Let You Know Anything Is Possible!

Life Is Up! Great Real Estate Decisions Can Be Part Of It.

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